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Privacy Policy

           Jyeland Company Limited has set out this privacy policy to safeguard and preserve the privacy of our visitors by protecting the personal information of every visitor who has visited website.

Personal information collection

  1. To ensure efficiency and convenience in providing services to the users of, the website has collected your personal information such as your email address, name, home or work address, ZIP code and telephone number.

  2. In case you sign up to apply for membership or use any service, the website will collect additional personal information from you, namely your sex, gender, preferences, favorites and interests or credit card numbers and billing address.

  3. To survey the popularity of the service which will be beneficial to improve the website service, we have collected additional information such as IP Address, browser type, domain, visited web pages, access time and referring website addresses.

  4. The website recommends you review the privacy policy of the third-party links to acknowledge and understand how the other websites collect, use or make use of your personal information that have been gathered. Jyeland Company Limited does not endorse or approve the other sites’ policy towards visitor privacy and will not be subject to any liability if the websites in question do not carry out or implement the privacy policy as stated.

Use of personal information

  1. Jyeland Company Limited has set out this privacy policy to protect the personal information of every visitor who visits website as follows:

  2. The website will not sell or distribute your personal information that the website has collected to the third parties without your permission.

  3. In case the company hires contractors to carry out activities regarding your personal information such as postal mail delivery, statistical analysis or online activities, the website will require contractors to safeguard and protect the privacy of your personal information and will prohibit them from using your information for any purposes other than supporting activities or works of Jyeland Company Limited.


Right to control your personal information
The website will use your information only when necessary such as using your name and address for contact and services, public relations works and information dissemination, including the survey of your opinion for Jyeland Company Limited’s works or activities only.

Personal Information Protection
To preserve and protect the privacy of your personal information, the website has set out the internal control regulations to determine the right to access or use your personal information and to preserve and safeguard important information such as your credit card numbers. The website has put in place the system to protect your information such as the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for managing the security of a message transmission on the Internet.

Use of Cookies

A cookie is the information placed on your computer by the web server. After cookies are placed on your computer, cookies will store or memorize the information of the users until the users close the browsers or until the users delete or reject cookies. However, if you choose to use cookies, you will find it more convenient to navigate through the site easily because cookies will help store the information about the websites that you have visited or browsed through. The website will use the information that cookies have gathered for statistical analysis or other activities of Jyeland Company Limited to further improve the company’s products and services.

Privacy Policy Improvement

Jyeland Company Limited may improve or change the privacy policy from time to time without prior notice to ensure appropriateness and efficiency in our services. Therefore, the users are recommended to read privacy policy every time they visit or use the service from the website.

Privacy Policy Implementation and Contact the Website

If you have any questions, recommendations or any complaints about the privacy statement or its implementation, please do not hesitate to contact us. The website is willing to answer and listen to the recommendations and complaints which will contribute to better services of Jyeland Company Limited. You can communicate with us via Contact us.

Marketing and advertising policy that respect and support children’s rights

Jyeland develops contents or media that promote accurate messages to motivate children's positive behavior.


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